June 2022: Volume 6, Issue 2

June 2022 • Volume 6, Issue 2
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Applying dual-frameworks of motivation and regulation to theories of ageing and psychological engagement: A review with future research directions 
Russell N. Steiner, Aaron Pinkhasov, Joshua De Leon, & Allison B. Reiss
PDF (5 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zk

Explaining intra-organisational mobility: Does job embeddedness apply?
Allison M. Traylor, Jessica Logan, & Courtney L. Holladay
PDF (4 MB) | https://doi.org/h22t

Blue hair and the blues: Dying your hair unnatural colours is associated with depression
Edward Dutton & Emil Kirkegaard
PDF (3 MB) | https://doi.org/h3x2

Key behavioural indicators (KBIs): The key behavioural indices for rebounding 
Guila Clara Kessous
PDF (1 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zm

The relationship between positive emotions, meaning in life, and life satisfaction: A study in adult Greek-speaking population during the COVID-19 pandemic
Katerina Flora, Nikoleta Kolotourou, & Eleni Liourdi
PDF (3 MB) | https://doi.org/h22v

Approaching critical mass: The impasses at the heart of the recovery movement
Maxwell Guttman
PDF (3 MB) | https://doi.org/h22w

‘In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge comes our way’: The impact of depression, anxiety, and agency on identifying with fictional characters 
Nathan Hook
PDF (2 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zp

Never forget who you are, for surely the world will not: The impact of the quantity of identities in identifying with fictional characters 
Nathan Hook
PDF (2 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zq

The think-feel-act cycle of happiness
Orose Leelakulthanit
PDF (5 MB) | https://doi.org/h22x

Non-ordinary mental expressions (NOMEs): Clues on the nature of the human mind
Enrico Facco, Luciano Pederzoli, & Patrizio Tressoldi
PDF (6 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zs

Appreciation and emotional well-being during COVID-19: The role of sense of coherence
Pranati Misurya, Lakshmi Sunita Nair, Shambhavi Tiwari, & Kirti Sharma
PDF (4 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zt

Self-compassion and posttraumatic growth: The mediating role of psychological flexibility
Pranati Misurya, Nidhi Udgirkar, Vasundhara Shukla, & Pooja Anand
PDF (4 MB) | https://doi.org/h2zv

What to change about the admissions process for doctoral programmes in counselling psychology from the perspective of applicants
Robinder Bedi & Thomas Douce
PDF (5 MB) | https://doi.org/h22z

Selective mutism: A case study on the use of expressive techniques in assessment and management
Susmita Halder & Akash Kumar Mahato
PDF (2 MB) | https://doi.org/h223

Recognition of a missing elderly couple in relation to attitudes about the elderly
Vicki S. Gier & David S. Kreiner
PDF (6 MB) | https://doi.org/hxwm

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