December 2021: Volume 5, Issue 2

December 2021 • Volume 5, Issue 2
Full issue: PDF (34 MB)
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Is the link between stress and mental health now more pertinent than ever?
Elizabeth C. Braithwaite | PDF (908 KB)

Social network use, social support, and mental health in adolescence: A systematic review
Sophia Fedorowicz, Elliott Phillips, & Elizabeth C. Braithwaite | PDF (4 MB)

Non-clinical autistic traits, perceived social support and perceived stress: A preliminary study in the general population
Oliver Lack & Laura Jenkins | PDF (5 MB)

Social media-induced secondary traumatic stress: Can viewing news relating to knife crime via social media induce PTSD symptoms 
Rosie M. M. Secker & Elizabeth C. Braithwaite | PDF (4 MB)

Mental health impacts of lockdown juxtaposed with lockdown effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic: A perspective piece
Jordan Howell | PDF (5 MB)

Helping, sharing, and comforting behaviours in primary school children: The effects of year group and well-being on prosocial behaviour
Jenny Parker & Laura Jenkins | PDF (5 MB)

Is it all bad news? A transactional model of coping with stressors in elite performers
Irina Roncaglia | PDF (3 MB)

Another perspective on the relations of personality to suicides, suicide attempts, and suicide ideations
Stewart J.H. McCann | PDF (2 MB)

Film review of ‘Swallow’
Betsy Edwards | PDF (794 KB)

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